Let’s talk about antifreeze poisoning

Let’s talk about antifreeze poisoning

As colder weather starts to make an appearance in central Indiana, it is a perfect time to remind dog owners of antifreeze poisoning.

The toxin in antifreeze that is so dangerous is ethylene glycol.  It only takes less than 3 ounces (1/4 cup) of antifreeze to poison a regular sized dog (30-50 pounds).  This poison affects the brain, liver and kidney of your pet.

Did you know…some people put antifreeze in their toilets in the colder weather to help keep their pipes from freezing?  So be aware if your pet goes visiting with you over the holidays to ask your friends and relatives if they use antifreeze in their toilets.

Pay attention in your garage and driveways to make sure you don’t have any antifreeze leaking from your vehicles that your pet may have access to lick up.  Even small amounts of antifreeze are dangerous.  A few licks can damage the organs of your pet and significantly impact their lifespan.

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