March is Pet Poison Prevention Month

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month

With spring in the air, it’s always a good time to review poisons that are lurking in your home and outside your home that your pet may be exposed to.


We have had a very wet winter and not very cold.  Because of this, it is the perfect breeding ground for mushrooms to be growing in your yard.  The Merck Veterinary Manual states that mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of a variety of fleshy fungi that are found worldwide.  They appear suddenly from growing vegetation.

The Merck Manual further indicates that while most mushroom are edible and safe, a few can result in mild to severe illness and even death when ingested.

With no proven antidotes to treat mushroom poisoning, we have to rely on supportive care and trying to rid the body of the mushrooms as quickly as possible after ingestion.  You should call immediately after your pet ingests mushrooms.  Fluid therapy and inducing vomiting will be our first line of defense.


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