My pet is injured: what should I do for Him?

My pet is injured: what should I do for Him?

Anytime your pet is injured, he is not himself.  Walk up easy on your pet and talk in calm tones.  Keep in mind as you try to examine to see what injuries have occurred, your pet may growl, snarl, nip, scratch or even bite you.  This is their response to pain.

Caution is the first key to success.  Your pet will warn you by growling and nipping.  Keep your face away and don’t try to hug them like you would a hurting child.  It is NOT the same.  You may need to muzzle your pet as long as they are not vomiting.

Transportation to get veterinary care may be a challenge as well.  A laundry basket is a good transport option for small to medium dogs since you don’t have to move them through the door of a carrier like normal.  Pad with clean towels which will wash easier than a blanket after.  If you pet is cold you can always through the towel in the dryer for a few minutes to warm it.

Once you arrive at VIP, if possible, leave your pet safe and secure and come in to allow us to help get your injured pet in.  We don’t want to risk them jumping out and causing more injury.

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