National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Dogs can hear about 4 times the distance of a human! That’s why when you whistle for them, they can come running. This morning our dog likes to roam down the rows of corn while I feed the barn cats. When I am done feeding and ready to walk back to the house, I just yell his name and he comes running. He may be 1/4 mile away and comes to my call.

A one year old dog is about the age of your teenager! That’s why it can be difficult to stop a bad habit that was formed early in your puppy. It is so important to train early.

Dogs have wet noses because they lick their noses and absorb scent chemicals, so that they can smell better.  My Aussie especially likes to rub her wet nose on me.  I believe that is to get my scent on her and hers on me.  Because their smell is so strong, when you spray your pet with your perfume, it can be overwhelming to them.  This is also why using essential oils in diffusers is cautioned because of their heightened sense of smell.  Always leave a door open where the diffuser is running so your pet can escape if the smell is too strong.


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