New Mask Mandate for our State!

New Mask Mandate for our State!

So I know many of us have already been wearing our masks and sometimes getting scorn, but now we are mandated to wear them if we cannot social distance outside and whenever we are inside. Walmart, CVS, Meijer and Target had already made it mandatory to enter their store to have a mask on, but now it’s everywhere. Because of these mandates, we at VIP Animal Care believe it will help us see more pets if we continue our curbside service. We are looking into telemedicine to help with communication with you, but have not implemented one yet. Please understand we do not want to just take the first one that is offered to us. Each veterinary clinic is unique and not every telemedicine will offer us what we need to help you and your pets.

These are the current statewide numbers from the Indiana State Department of Health. We are watching these numbers daily to guide our decisions on seeing pets. As you can see, we are trending upward as officials are saying. We do take into consideration the fact that folks can go get tested easier than in March and April. The true fact is that the virus is still active, regardless of rise or fall. It isn’t falling off yet. You can go to the ISDH website and sign up for the daily emails. When I receive these, I go check the website. You can also click on your county to see the same curve for your county. Below is Hamilton County. I know we see clients from Madison and Tipton and Marion counties as well.

To date we have had a few pets around the country test positive for COVID-19, but it is still widely believed that pets do not transmit to people, but people who have COVID-19 have transmitted to the pets that live in the household. So if you are feeling ill, please keep your pets at a distance from you until you are feeling better.


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