Over the counter medicines: Is it okay to give to my pets?

Over the counter medicines: Is it okay to give to my pets?

Dr. Flanders gets phone calls almost daily asking:  Can I give my pet aspirin, advil, tylenol, immodium, and the list goes on and on!

**The key to remember is that these medications were formulated for you!  If they were all okay for your pet, then the direction label would tell the dosage for pets.

It is hard to realize that there is a reason that pet medications are sold by veterinarians or pet supply stores, not walmart or the grocery store.  Most pet medications have to be specially formulated for the pet’s digestive system.

Pain medications are vastly different for canines versus felines.  Felines have very few choices of pain medications in relation to canines.

Immodium is not safe for certain breeds of dogs and can be toxic.  Aspirin/tylenol/advil is another iffy OTC medication for pets.  

The question is: Do you want to take a chance of more serious health problems than diarrhea, etc?

Better to call us or bring your pet in to get the right medication or dietary prescription to help them.  It is not always a matter of a medication to help.  Sometimes a bland diet or restriction of play can solve a stomach issue or pain issue.

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