Pet Wellness Month: October

Pet Wellness Month: October

With pet wellness, we want to talk not just about physical well being, but emotional and psychological well being of your pets.  Many times we have a check list that yep, our dog or cat has gotten all they need…food, vaccines, heart worm prevention, flea treatment, bath, done!  As a mom, I am a big fan of the check list, but we most times don’t include mental health in that list.  

Ask yourself:  is my dog happy, is he stimulated each day? So today, don’t just focus on dog has been fed and has had a potty break, focus on yes I spent quality time with my pet, playing, running, walking, jumping, or whatever is one of your pet’s favorite playtimes.  

With cats they need stimulation too!  Read up on how to create a hunter’s game of your cat’s food or cat food puzzles to get them the stimulation they need too.  Some cats will use you as their prey which can stimulate that mental health they need.

At the end of the day you will find that you had mental stimulation too by playing!  Give it a try.

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