Plants you want to have in your gardens and landscape

Plants you want to have in your gardens and landscape

I had never thought about the plants that our landscaper had put in my flower beds until recently reading articles about plants that can naturally repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos.  Even though we have never had a problem with fleas, I didn’t realize it was because of the plants around my home. I have lavender all around my home, on each side.  Then I planted mint plants in the garden and in the landscape for use in my foods.  Both are great natural pest controllers.  Let’s look at a few that you may want to think about planting at your home to keep pesky insects away!

  1. Lavender:  moth and mosquito repellent; calming to all your pets.
  2. Mint:  flea repellent and smells great!
  3. Catnip:  flea repellent and also known as “kitty pot”
  4. Sage:  flea repellent and has a great smell.  Cleans the air.
  5. Lemongrass:  flea repellent and can be used in cooking.

***Keep in mind that tansy, eucalyptus, geranium, citronella, sweet bay, pennyroyal, fleawort and wormwood are toxic to cats and dogs.


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