Poison Dangers for Cats

Poison Dangers for Cats

Cleaners:  Remember that cats like fresh water…so I know I like to let my cleaners set and work a bit before scrubbing them in the toilet, sink or shower.  Close the door to bathrooms so kitty can’t go in and get a drink from the toilet or lick the sink bowl with cleaner on it.

Medications:  The safest bet is to never have medicines where pets can get at them or in packages they can chew open.  Human medications most times can not be metabolized by felines.  Their size alone relative to our own makes medicines extremely dangerous for cats.

Insecticides:  these include dog flea and tick preventatives as well as those chemical lawn companies use to fight mosquitos and fleas on your property.  These can cause seizures, tremors, and fit of anxiety and sometimes even death.  Make sure you don’t accidentally grab your dog flea treatment and put on the cat.

Plants:  see our previous post on good and bad houseplants.


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