Rawhide: Yes or No?

Rawhide: Yes or No?

Dr. Flanders does NOT recommend rawhide chews even though there are the benefits of being a boredom buster and meeting their need to chew. There are three reasons to not offer rawhide. Those are:

  1. Choking hazard: pieces can get stuck in your dogs throat, stomach or intestine.
  2. Contamination and stomach irritation: We have had many batches or rawhide and pig ears contaminated with Salmonella and E. Coli. These rawhide are also swallowed by your pets and can cause digestive upset.
  3. Intestinal Blockage: Many dogs swallow all or part of a rawhide or pig ear whole. These become lodged crossway in the intestine and simply cannot be broken down and excreted by your pet. These require emergency surgery to remove. If discovered too late, these intestine starts to die as well as other organs.

So the old adage “Better safe than sorry” definitely applies here. There are many choices out there other than rawhide for helping meet the need for chewing in your pet, there is no reason to “take the chance.”


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