Respect your Cat Day

Respect your Cat Day

March 28th is a day for honoring our feline friends and give them the extra love today.  It is also good to learn what ticks your cat off and is disrespecting your feline and STOP IT!!

Disrespect to your cat:

  • Teasing them
  • Feeding too much
  • Feeding cheap, low quality food
  • Not cleaning the litter box regularly
  • petting them roughly; rubbing fur the wrong way

Petting the correct way can completely change your cat’s disposition.  It can be a major bonding time.

Holding can be critical.  Hold them close to you for the best mood from them.

  • They feel safe
  • Have no fear of falling
  • Gives them stability
  • Some cats don’t prefer to be held; respect that!

Grooming is another sign that you respect your cat:

  • Trim nails
  • Brushing (especially long hair cats)
  • Bathing (if needed)
  • These are all essential pet owner basics.

Meeting your cat’s needs is a sign of respect.

Playtime:  There is no better way to show love to your pet than playtime.

  • Laser pointers
  • The hunt
  • A new toy
  • Catnip filled toys

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