Responsible Pet Owner Month

Responsible Pet Owner Month

I know it’s the last week of February, but dental month always takes most of the posts!  But…February is also responsible pet owner month.  So for the rest of the week, I would like to highlight that some with a five part series on what does it mean to be a responsible pet owner.  To your cranky neighbor, responsible pet ownership might mean keeping your pet out of the their yard or not letting your pet poop in their yard.  To others it might mean “fixing” your pet or “vaccinating” your pet.

I believe it is those mentioned above and more.  So let’s talk today about wellness exams and why they are important for your pet as well as a great sign you are being a responsible pet owner.

Part 1 Wellness exams:

A yearly exam and vaccinations are an easy way to keep your pets happy and healthy.  Any times we can take care of a minor problem before it becomes a major problem at a yearly exam.  Dr. Flanders give a free exam with purchase of vaccines for your pets.  This is a perfect time to have your list of questions and concerns.  Even if it seems like nothing, please bring it up!  Your pet must have you to advocate for them.  Most times, we won’t see what you do at home.  A slight limp won’t happen at our office because they are excited, nervous and energized.  Let us give your pet the best care possible.  Your pet can’t tell us they are sore in the morning, stiff on wet cold days, itch all over.  But you as their advocate can tell us that your pet struggles to get up in the morning, or seems to scratch more over the past month.


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