Seeing eye guide dog anniversary

Seeing eye guide dog anniversary

Seeing eye dogs are first and foremost working dogs.  Most are from the following breeds: golden retrievers, labradors and german shepherds.

These dogs know many many commands.  They ignore distractions such as loud noises, fireworks, sirens, food and medications.  The training for the dog lasts 2 years.  Then the dogs are matched with their potential new owner.  Then the two begin intensive training together.

Did you know there is an organization called Guide Dogs of American (GDA)?  Through donations and fundraisers they are able to provide seeing eye dogs and training for free.

These dogs know they are on the job if they are in a harness or their uniform (usually a yellow jacket).  But don’t think they don’t enjoy working because they do.  They also get free time as well.

Did you also know that a guide dog has the right of way under the Americans with Disabilities Act?  They are to be given the same rights as any other member of the public.

So today we give a big thank you to those dogs that help others function more normally and safely.

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