Should I be concerned that my dog is scratching?

Should I be concerned that my dog is scratching?

When our pets live in our homes as most do, and if they sleep in our beds, we know when they are licking and scratching!

The question is:  should I be concerned?  To help you determine if you need to bring Fido in for an exam, let’s look at:

  • How long does he scratch?
  • Is the skin red, inflamed or scabbed over?

Sometimes it can be from the food you are feeding causing an allergy to it.  Another cause for concern is a flea bite causing an allergic reaction.  Both of these cause so much itching and then scratching, that infections of the skin can occur.  These need a visit to Dr. Flanders for an exam and treatment of the itching.

Easy ways to avoid problems from scratching include:  good grooming, bathing and brushing, proper parasite control to inhibit flea infestations and feeding a high quality food.  

Remember the best medicine is a good preventative plan!


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