Socialization of your canine

Socialization of your canine

Socialization is helping our canines learn to communicate with us, fellow canines and other animals such as felines, farm animals etc.  Many people adopt a rescue canine, which presents special challenges in socialization.  You may never know what environments your canine has had and whether they are positive or negative.

Socialization can take a very long time to become a positive experience.  Don’t just chuck it if your pet has a bad experience the first time you take him to a new environment.  Start slow and remember repetition can be the key to success.

Make sure you are praising your canine after each attempt at socialization.  Keep in mind that sounds and smells can also be a hindrance or encouragement to socialization.  You may need to invest in pheromone products to help with socialization.

Something as simple as a trip to the pet store or Tractor Supply can provide just the right amount of socialization your new pet needs to start the adjustment process.  You are always welcome to stop in our office for love and treats from the staff to help the process.

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