Spring Break: What about your pets?

Spring Break: What about your pets?

Many of us want to travel sometimes or all the time with our pets.  Our pets are part of our family.  Years ago our pets were always outdoors, on a chain, in a kennel, or a fenced yard or lot.  Now we have them everywhere we are and care better for them than any other time in history.

If you are going to take your pets with you, you better be researching and planning.  More and more hotels and restaurants are allowing pets, but you need to have planned laces for your pet when you are out and can’t take them with you.  Some hotels are okay with pets staying in your room, but wouldn’t it be better for them to be able to go to a boarding facility for the day to play or a spa day for a bath and haircut.

Call us today to make sure your pet has all the needed vaccinations, heart worm test, prevention for flea, tick and heart worm.  You’ll also want to take a few copies of the records for hotels, kennels, groomers, and one in your vehicle.  if you are flying you may also need a health certificate.

If you haven’t already, its a great time to get a microchip.  Then if anything were to happen, you have drastically increased your chances of getting your pet back.  If you have already gotten a microchip, make sure all your information is up to date.

Now if you are NOT taking your pet with you on spring break, but are traveling for spring break, you still need to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations. Kennels and boarding facilities may want an extra dose of bordetella (kennel cough) as well as the dog flu vaccine. Another not to be forgotten need is heartworm and flea preventative. Being around so many other dogs can be a wonderful distraction for your pets to have play time, yet it also mean more exposure to illness.

But I am using a pet sitter, so my pet doesn’t need all that while I am away. Not necessarily true. Pets can still get sick while you are away. Better to have the needed vaccines before you leave. Also make sure you alert us of your vacation plans and your sitter’s name so if we need to see your pet while you are away, we will feel comfortable to discuss concerns with your pet sitter or boarding facility. We can bill you later for any medicines and exams.

Make sure you plan well and have a much needed break.


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