Springtime can mean skin issues and allergies

Springtime can mean skin issues and allergies

This time of year, we see many pets for skin issues and allergies.  There are always certain things you can do at home to make sure you minimize any unnecessary visits to our office.

Those include:

  1. feeding a high quality food.  Having a low quality protein source for your pet can mean poor skin coat and condition.  Paying a little more your pet’s food can mean paying less in veterinary bills later and less stress on you and your pet.
  2. Brushing and bathing.  Many people don’t realize your pets need their fur conditioned too.  Dr. Flanders recommends using your hair shampoo and conditioner on your pets.
  3. Adding oil to their diet.  Sunflower, coconut, olive oil are all good additions to your pet’s food to condition the coat.  Hot spots can be from dry skin as well as hot weather.
  4. Parasite/flea prevention.  Dogs and cats pick up parasites from playing outside, going to the bathroom etc.  Fleas eggs can be swallowed by your pet and cause intestinal issues as well.
  5. Allergens in and out of your house can cause skin issues in your pet.  Dust mites, pollen, molds and insecticides can cause your pet to scratch, scratch, scratch and then infection, infection, infection.


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