Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is the first of an onslaught of holidays in a row that disrupts your pet’s way of life.  Most of our pets thrive with a predictable family lifestyle.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year’s pose a continual threat to the stability of your home life.

Some of the problems that can occur are:

  1. Anxiety & Stress
    1. Your pet has a keen sense to know when life is different.  
    2. Even subtle changes can be detected on their part.
  • A suitcase means you are leaving them
  • Spare Rooms being prepped for guests.
  • All these small changes can be anxiety to your pets.
  1. Food Poisoning
  1. Your guests for Thanksgiving may not realize foods that are toxic to your pets.  Send a text or an email on your invitation to dinner that your pets will be here, but table foods are off limits.  
  2. Include a list of foods that are toxic to pets.  
  3. Guests will think they are doing no harm in giving just one bite!  Until you realize that 20 guests have given bites to your pet.
  4. Upset Stomach
    1. The foods you serve at Thanksgiving may not be on the no no list of toxic foods, but can still give your pet a whopper of an upset stomach.
    2. The last thing you want at the end of a wonderful Thanksgiving is your pet vomiting and having diarrhea.
    3. Turkey and Ham bones can splinter and become lodged in your pets throat, stomach and intestines.
  5. Ingestion of Non-Food Items
    1. Some pets enjoy eating houseplants and decorations.
    2. These are items you only put out because company is coming.
    3. These items can be too tempting for your dog or cat.
    4. They only want to play at first, then over time can end up ingesting your decorations and plants.

So enough with the gloom and doom.  How can we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s without sick pets?

Every get together think about your pets.

  1. How will they handle extra people?
  2. Can my pet get into this decoration or that dish of candy?
  3. Warn guest that there is to be NO feeding of table foods.
  4. Purchase a new toy just for that special day.
  5. Have acceptable low calorie treats your guests can feed your pets:
    1. Green beans (NOT green bean casserole)
    2. Raw or cooked carrots, plain sweet potatoes 
    3. Low calorie store bought treats

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