This week is National Walk Your Dog Week

This week is National Walk Your Dog Week

Since we have posted many times over the past few months about obesity in pets, I felt this was an appropriate week to highlight on the website.  The weather is perfect in the mornings and evenings for a walk with your pets!  I just came in from throwing the ball with my pets.  A good signal your pets are getting a good work out is panting or laying down.  Remember to give them breaks just like you would during a workout and plenty of water!  

My dogs love to fetch a ball.  If you have never seen them, there is a brand called “Chuck It.”  The balls are various sizes, most common being the size of a tennis ball.  What I love is that these are rubber, so it takes longer for “most” dogs to tear them apart.  My two would have a tennis ball gone in a matter of minutes!  These last us several months.  The added bonus is the “chucker”, this is basically a thrower for lack of a better word.  I didn’t have enough strength to throw the ball as far as my border collie wanted or needed, so this allows a very long throw and doesn’t cause pain to your shoulder!  This provides an aerobic workout for your dog very quickly.  Wrangler will chase that ball until he could collapse!  

Whenever our local pet store runs a coupon for $5 off $30 etc, I go in and buy more balls.  For some reason the other fun game is to hide the ball.  We always seem to be down to 1 ball.  This time I bought a smaller ball for my toy Australian shepherd.  She can get the tennis size ball, but occasionally there is some panic when the ball is a bit “stuck” in her mouth!  Imagine Dr. Flanders enjoying removal of a chuck it ball.  It would be his new favorite story.  Anyway, this morning Reba enjoyed her own little ball to chase.  So next time I go to the pet store, I may try out the little size chuck it stick for her.

So get out there for a walk this evening or go check out the chucker I mentioned.  Any activity is better than none.  Make exercise a priority for you and your pet!.

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