Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday

This is a difficult question to answer. Dr. Flanders has always believed in keeping prices as low as possible. Many clients or prospective clients ask us why our prices are higher than the low-cost spay neuter clinic. That is an easy answer: governmental funding and non-profit status. When you are given donations and grants, you should be able to charge far less. But remember that we cannot apply for grants, we have to pay rent, utilities, and salaries on the services and products we offer you as well as taxes.

We have no plans to raise any prices currently. You are always able to make sure we run you an estimate of prices before actually treating your pets. We have chosen to not offer care credit since it would be an increase in prices to offer this service.

We also offer rebates on many medications, some of which we fill out and mail in for you.


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