Ticks: still a concern in the fall and winter months

Ticks: still a concern in the fall and winter months

This year, so far, it has been an extremely autumn!  We’ve had a few cooler days, but no where near a frost like we sometimes have by now.  The Deer Tick is still very active even in cooler weather.

Keep in mind there are still plenty of place for ticks to hide.  On leaves, grass, gardens, mums, woodpiles, landscaping/flower beds and if you live in a rural area, soybean/corn fields.

So again, vigilance is key!  I know we harp open buying and using preventatives year round, but it really is the only way to protect your pets.  Ticks are a year round problem.

Many of us have heard about the diseases that ticks transmit, but who really knows what these bizarre named conditions mean for your pet.  All these are very hard to diagnose because of the complex symptoms that accompany them.  The symptoms mimic many other conditions like flu, colds, joint problems and the like.  These tick borne diseases can affect joints, cause fevers, and rashes and then lead to more major areas of your pet’s body such as the blood stream and organ damage.  On people we see the bully rash, but on dogs you hardly ever detect this rash with their fur and skin coat.

If you find a tick on your pet, be careful removing it.  If you are afraid to do it yourself, call us for an appointment.

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