We can definitely feel the fall air!

We can definitely feel the fall air!

With cool mornings and warm afternoons, it can be hard as a pet owner to feel like you are fully caring well for your pet.  Do I groom him and still have the hair short or leave some on?  He shivers in the morning and pants in the afternoon!?!  

Fall is a tough time for pet care because the temperature is so variable. Depending on where you live, you may need to worry about anything from heatstroke to frostbite. In particular, you’ll always want to make certain that your dog or cat has enough water. Just because the weather has gotten cooler doesn’t mean that your pet doesn’t still need a lot to drink.

If you choose short grooming one more time before winter, just make sure you have a sweater for morning romps and bathroom breaks, then take it off for afternoons.

My pets seems to be thriving in fall because they don’t get overheated as quickly when we play.  

And don’t forget flea, tick and heart worm!  This is a time when we see a surge in fleas and ticks!


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