Why should I “fix” my pet?

Why should I “fix” my pet?

So what’s the big deal about getting my dog or cat fixed?  Just as we see the human population increasing on a large scale, we also have the same problem with animals.  Most human only have 1 baby at a time, while most pets are bearing multiple babies in one pregnancy!  This alone provides a reason to limit the reproduction of pets.

If you live in Hamilton County, you are required to spay or neuter your pet.  The exception is a breeding certificate that must be issued and paid for.  Check with animal control on the Hamilton County government website for more details on this.

If you adopt from a shelter or the humane society, many of these agencies will require proof of spay or neuter within a specified amount of time after a pet has been adopted unless it is already taken care of before adoption.

The good reasons to “fix” your pet include the following:

  • Protection from reproductive diseases later in their life such as cancer and uterine infections and prostate issues in males.
  • Most pets are better behaved after.  Males do not mark territory, females have a better disposition.
  • Can calm many pets 
  • Low risk for complications.

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