Working at home with your pets!

Working at home with your pets!

Has anyone noticed all the unique ways people are incorporating animals into every aspect of their lives. For example, who ever thought people would pay money to work out with goats!?! But their are countless studies proving that time with animals is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Thanks to the pandemic, many pets and owners alike are working together and reducing stress to pets from separation anxiety and owners with the stress reducer of petting a dog or cat while on a zoom call or like me making a social media and website post.

When we are petting a cat or playing with a dog, our bodies have a reduction in the stress hormone known at cortisol while increasing the hormone oxytocin. When I was nursing my children, all was calm, which was actually the increase in oxytocin. I used to say I could sit all day nursing the baby. It was the “love” hormone I was feeling. This same thing happens when we are caring or loving on our pets. What better thing to combine than exercise with pets; creating the exercise we need while also reducing our anxiety.

So enjoy the time at home with your pets. If you don’t have a pet, consider it. The rates of adoption at shelters is through the roof. I personally don’t see the work at home trend going away even after the pandemic is over.


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