World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day

Today is World Rabies Day.  This day was started back in 2007 to help raise awareness about the importance of Rabies vaccinations for your pets.  Let’s give some fun facts about Rabies.

  1. Rabies is 100% preventable
  2. Rabies is one of the oldest diseases known to man
  3. The CDC (center for disease control) tracks Rabies around the world.
  4. Rabies can come into our country through our borders, especially ones that are perfectly legal!  These are when a person has had exposure and doesn’t show symptoms until after they have come into the country.
  5. Thousands of people die from the disease in the world each year.
  6. This is the 10th year to celebrate and especially educate with World Rabies Day.

Remember we offer a free exam with your Rabies vaccination and we discount the Rabies vaccination when you combine it with the Distemper vaccination or Kennel Cough vaccine.

Appointments are available for Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and at Walk-ins Tuesday and Thursday 4-7pm


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