World Spay Day

World Spay Day

World Spay Day

Today is a day we hope to make you more aware of why you should spay your pets.  Consider the following facts:

  • An average cat has 1-8 kittens per litter
  • An average cat has 2-3 litters per year
    • So you can see how fast the cat population can grow.

35% of pet owners do not spay their pets.  There are about 8 million strays and unwanted animals taken to shelter every year.

  • Dogs can have 2 litters a year
  • Each litter usually has 6-8 pups

So lets review why spaying your pet helps:

  • Decreases your pets cancer risk
  • Helps with pet overpopulation
  • reduces behavior problems
  • decreases the urge to roam
  • Less risk of infections of the uterus
  • less likely to be aggressive
  • increases the life span by 3-5 years


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