Sun protection gear for your pets!

Sun protection gear for your pets!

Recently my doctor has advised me to stay completely out of the sun.  In researching  what I can do to protect myself when I am in the sun, I have found my pets are at risk too and there are many products to help them as well as myself.

I found that there are clothes with SPF built into the fabric for people, and guess what there are shirts for dogs as well!  I didn’t realize my dogs were at risk for sunburn and skin cancer the same as people.

Pets need sunscreen just as we do if they are out for extended time in the sun.

There are also cooling bandanas for them just like what we see with the frog tog towels etc.

Their skin and paw pads can also dry out from the heat and sun.  Coconut oil is a cheap and effective treatment on their pads and skin.  Many people don’t know that coconut oil is very anti-inflammatory and soothes as well as moisturizes skin.  A tasty treat can be a tablespoon on their food daily which will moisturize the skin from the inside out.


Happy Summer!


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